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    BREAKING – New Book

    Coming this July, Ethan’s long-awaited, revealing look at the truth of what’s happening in America, “Liars & Whores: How Big Government and Big Business are Working to Save Their Own Asses, Not Yours.”

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    One of Talkers Magazine’s Heavy Hundred of Talk Radio

    Like no one else, renowned radio talk show host, public speaker, political pundit, and writer, Ethan Bearman presents listeners with thought-provoking perspectives and fascinating interviews, all with incomparable energy and an independent voice that resonates with his Gen X audience.

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    The right voice for the next generation.
    Brian Sussman, San Francisco Bay Area Media Icon.
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    Witty, fun, informed, captivating, entertaining — that’s Ethan Bearman, and there’s no radio host I’d rather listen to.
    Adam Leipzig, CEO of Entertainment Media Partners, former president of National Geographic Films and a former Senior VP of Walt Disney Studios.
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    In a world that OD’s on style while coming up short on substance, Ethan brilliantly gets them both dead on, and is my go-to guy for the non-partisan ruthless truth.
    Rob Stevens, award-winning, eleven-time Billboard #1 music producer, and radio junkie.
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    One of the most exciting new ‘independent’ voices to come along in news/talk radio in years.
    Michael Harrison, founder and publisher of Talkers Magazine.


One of a rare breed of multi-talented intellectuals with a gift that draws audiences in, Ethan Bearman’s broad portfolio of work is engrossing as well as entertaining.
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Talk Show Host


Always topical, sometimes controversial, guaranteed fascinating, Ethan Bearman connects with today’s trending topics, evergreen issues, and intriguing guests in a charismatic, savvy, and relevant manner.
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Voice Over Talent


With his smooth, resonant voice and keen talent for conveying emotion, Ethan Bearman’s instinctive rhythm and timing make him a natural voice over talent.
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Public Speaking


Combining his deep knowledge on a variety of topics with his laser-sharp focus, Ethan Bearman engages his audiences with natural charisma and intimate style.
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From politics to science to technology, Ethan Bearman explores the depths and nuances of some of today’s most important topics with thought, sensitivity and authority.
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On Camera

Video camera live broadcast

As an on-camera host, Ethan Bearman’s engaging and personable style instantly reassures and connects with people. What results are interviews that are honest and illuminating.
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